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Q: What does "First Time Shooter" on the team entry form mean?

A:  This refers to whether shooting in the HOSCI tournament will be this persons first time shooting any tournament ever.  This does not refer to whether or not this is the first time this person has shot the HOSCI tournament.


Q: Since email is the main method of communication to sponsors and teams, what happens if I donít get my invitation or HOSCI has the wrong email address?

A:  These are the methods by which we contact sponsors and teams in regards to all tournament news:

  1. An email is sent to the email address listed on the sponsor or teamís contact record with HOSCI. This email is sent with a read receipt request.

  2. A second email is sent.

  3. Information is mailed US Postal mail to the mailing address on the sponsor or teamís contact record with HOSCI.

  4. A call is made to the phone number on the sponsor or teamís contact record with HOSCI.

If all of these attempts go unanswered by the sponsor or team, HOSCI cannot be held responsible for that sponsor or team being dropped from the tournament.  It is ultimately the sponsor or team's responsibility to ensure the HOSCI is kept up-to-date with contact information.


Q: What is HOSCI's mailing address?

A:  HOSCI's mailing address is P. O. Box 3207, Houma, LA 70361.  To ensure that your document gets to the proper person, please be sure to include the department heading if possible.  For example, if you are sending in a team or sponsor registration form and payment, HOSCI Registration would be appropriate.  If you are sending in an invoice for payment, HOSCI Accounts Payable would be appropriate.  If you are unsure, send your item to HOSCI Secretary and she will make sure it gets to the right person.





"I think the shoot went great and looking forward to next year." - Benny Landry, MISwaco 2006

"Being involved as a board of director and committee member in the sporting clay organization I have been involved with for 12 years now and attending other events in South Louisiana it is very clear that HOSCI has a first class event.  From registration, to board events, and door prizes someone is on top of the issue if one even arises.  Constant updates are coming in the form of e-mail to keep all participants up-to-date.  Every committee member is well versed in their duties and does not need someone watching over them to make a decision.


The web site is extremely friendly and is put together by someone that cares about the organization and wants to see it grow.


The time of year allows the shooters to enjoy the event not having to put up with the summer heat (as you know we do not use sun screen in South Louisiana Ė we use barbeque sauce!!!


HOSCI runs their event as if all members share in ownership, you folks seem to enjoy the time and effort put into the event.  HOSCI has proved it does not take an operator putting on an event to get the service companies to participate, it just takes good leadership, character, open mindedness, a will to be the best and a catching personality by all involved.  HOSCI has developed into a first class event that customers from Covington, LA to Houston, TX look forward to participate in as well as myself." - Mike Jenkins, Baker Oil Tools 2006